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Quite frankly, it’s time for a change!

Our industry has been mired in the quicksand of stale, outdated and just plain boring advertising for way too long.  A marketing style that originated (in 1950) with the advent of ASI is still being used today, which includes sell sheets with a featured product, six columns of pricing and a static picture. Surely we’ve all faced the frustration of the industry norm? 

It’s time for a new approach that addresses the actual client…your customer, the decision maker and the buyer: The End-User!

IDENTITY EDGE.PROMO is a marketing tool that Distributors purposefully use to introduce, influence and guide End-Users to meaningful decisions.  By placing retail-oriented advertising in front of your End-Users--which they are accustomed to seeing--the potential for sales increases dramatically.

Now Suppliers have a fast and effective route to the desired target audience and Distributors increase their exposure through a professional marketing piece endorsed by Suppliers.  With this immediate marketing tool, the actual End-User gets to make the decision on what best fits their needs.  Every advertiser has the same opportunity and every Distributor opens channels that may not have existed previously. 

Let’s face it … with over 700,000 products available in our industry the chance of a Supplier’s product being seen by an End-User is slim.  With the addition of preferred vendors, buying clubs, rebates, favorable pricing, incentives and on-line buying the battle for success is all uphill.  However, if the final decision lies in the hands of the End-User, both the Supplier and the Distributor's potential for success increases.

It’s time to put your product where it front of End-Users!

When was the last time you saw an ad in a retail magazine with 6 columns of pricing?  Have you ever seen a perfume, OTC medication, lingerie, tools or even a John Deere tractor featuring coded pricing?  Not likely, but those same ads still grab your attention because you’re the buyer.  There is absolutely no reason we can’t apply the same successful advertising formats to our industry.

We have…welcome to IDENTITY EDGE.PROMO!

If you’re getting limited results because you’re not reaching your true target audience – join us.  We are providing a sleek, sophisticated, 100% retail, resulted-oriented marketing tool to promote promotional products to the End-User.  With the Distributor’s permission, of course!

Our staff is ready to change your advertising habits and produce appreciable results. Break free of those ridiculously high rates and low returns.  Make your statement where it belongs by advertising to those that make the decisions. Get off that boring ledge and get with us…


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