Supplier Side Ad Costs, Our Program Packages.  

We include FOUR Supplier to Distributors email campaigns featuring the ad you ran in Identity Edge for each month you advertise with us.  There are 45,000 Distributors on this email list and ALL leads generated from this campaign are forwarded to Suppliers.  This is part one of your marketing campaign. 

Part two of your marketing campaign includes IdentityEdge.Promo--with your ad--emailed to a minimum of 727,000 End Users at the time of publishing, but note we add in End User emails every month as more Distributors join.  We expect to have about 4 million End Users by January 2019,  In part two we send FOUR email campaigns featuring IdentityEdge.Promo each month to those End User emails.  Each Distributor participating in this program has a customized cover with their contact info on it and that's how leads are tracked.  All leads that come in from this part of the email campaign are sent to the Distributors.  This is Distributor to End User marketing.

3 month minimum:  $.001 per End User email address at time of ad submission and signing of the Agreement/Contract.  6 months:  2.5% Discount.  12 months:  5%Discount.  ANY Agreement/Contract made is non-cancel-able as there are only about 50 ads pages available in IdentityEdge.Promo. 

Advertorials:  $.001 per End User email address, plus $350 advertorial drafting fee.  This includes your ad.

Front Cover:  $6995 per month--only one month per year per Supplier and IdentityEdge.Promo reserves the right to edit the Front Cover.

Inside Front Cover: $2995 per month.  Third Page:  $2495 per month.  Fourth-Tenth Page:  $1799 per month.


At no charge we place the Distributor's logo prominently on the cover of Identity Edge or the Distributor can purchase it without their logo.  We advise that Distributor personalization works best with End-Users.  We then provide all leads generated to participating Distributors at no charge.  On average each individual participating Distributor receives about or over 100 leads per month.  The number of leads generated depends on the Distributors email list provided.  In email campaigning, list size does matter.  The larger your list the more leads you will receive.  We consult and advise Distributors on how to build their email lists at no charge.  We also provide End User email lists to Distributors, most at no charge.  Lists can be developed by industry, state or other variables.  

IdentityEdge.Promo is provided FREE to Distributor's at this time.  This is subject to change in the future.  We also provide FREE email campaigns for Distributors participating in IdentityEdge.Promo.  We know our service is better than Constant Contact for Distributors because we know the promotional products industry.