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For almost 70 years, promotional products Suppliers and Distributors have been saddled by what has become the “industry standard” which are Sell Sheets featuring a low quality image, that have too many products on a page along with set-up charges and coded/column pricing.  

Imagine a refreshing new approach that takes promotional advertising to a new level of professionalism?

That's IdentityEdge.Promo. 


Based on extensive feedback from Distributors, there’s a real need for better sales and marketing tools that can be sent directly to clients.  We've created a marketing tool that has relevant editorials, retail-styled merchandise advertisements, is inviting looking and actually attracts End-Users to read it.


Plus, each issue can be personalized for individual Distributors to “make it their own” complete with Hot Links to your website and email addresses.

Innovative marketing for Distributor professionals…from: 


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