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FREE Special Offer From AloeUp & IdentityEdge.Promo

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How do Distributors use IdentityEdge? 
There are many ways...and we'd like you to discover more; they will only help add to your bottom line.
1-Many Distributors send a copy to their End Users and then page through it with them while on the phone, using it as a "Talking Points Tool".  LOTS of orders are made this way.  This is a very successful way to use it.
2-Distributors email it to their End Users regularly.  This keeps YOUR DISTRIBUTOR BRAND in front of your End Users instead of your competition.
3-Distributors place a link for IdentityEdge.Promo on the front page of their website.  Its professional look will certainly add to your website and because the content changes every month, you'll have something current/new to show.
4-Put a link for it in your email signature line.  Distributors report back to us that their End Users click on it frequently...remember its a sales tool so every time they look at it they are considering making a purchase from YOU!

Get Your Totally

Customized Edition of IdentityEdge.Promo

Courtesy of AloeUp!

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