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guys in mask ties arms crossed.png


'n MASK 

It's a fancy NECKTIE

MASK TIE 2.png

It's a


It's a MASK and a

TIE combined into one!

MASK TIE 1.png
overture proof eric.jpg

Complete with

YOUR logo!

swarkovski tie no back.png
womans version.jpg
top side of womans mask.jpg

Scarves too, call for pricing.

50 pcs. $19.25(R) 100 pcs. $18.75(R)

mask tie 1.jpg

There are about 40 different styles to choose from.  Ties can be logoed either by silk screening or by weaving in the logo.  Both require set up charges.  Price for logos NOT included in published price above.  Contact us for a quote on the logo.  Woman's style scarf available.  Production takes 10 days then add in 3-7 days for shipping.  Door to door shipping included in the above price.  Tie is made of poly but can also be made in silk.  Women's scarves not quoted, please call for price.

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