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IDENTITYEDGE.PROMO was formed by promotional products industry professionals that believe our industry needs to adapt to the technology in both developing unique market-driven products to processing orders for Distributors with a new level of transparency.   


For example on proofs we'll take you to our factory where you can see your products on Zoom.  But more than anything we focus on delivering products on-time and to specifications.  We're on your side, we know it takes months to win and End User account and only moments to lose them.  As your Supplier we won't take a job we can't deliver.  To us its much more important to deliver keeping your relationship with your End User whole.

Cumulatively, our founders have more than 60+ years in the promotional products industry.  We're old and we're experienced and we're great at what we do in promo products.  We've seen just about everything there is to see happen in our industry.  From Supplier buyouts to Distributorships merging into mega million dollar organizations to watching the industry go from faxes to the internet, we know promo products!

Call us:  914-245-5115, or email us:


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