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IDENTITY EDGE was formed by promotional products industry professionals that believe our industry needs to adapt to the technology that is available to us but has not been taken advantage of because of cost.  

We wanted to offer a marketing tool that would make the Distributors using it make more sales.  Instead of sending out catalogs, single sell sheets and Zoom catalogs, IdentityEdge.Promo offers great articles that are subliminally written to make sales.  Our advertorials are second to none.  But our ads are also very special looking...they are so attractive people will look at them for a long time.

Cumulatively, our staff and founders have more than 80+ years in the promotional products industry.  We've been both Suppliers and Distributors. We've seen just about everything there is to see happen.  From Supplier buyouts to Distributorships merging into mega million dollar organizations. And now witness an even greater threat to our industry, the advance of Amazon into the promotional products world.  


Brian Brown
Founder and Principal
Tracie Dewender
VP Operations
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